The Next Step of the Market Research
Country Mapping by Obiettivo is the solution that combines Artificial Intelligence and local knowledge to provide full market reports and databases
Country Mapping is a unique solution in the
market research sector
Country Mapping
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Access to institutional and commercial databases of companies in all countries of the world
Ability to profile a totally dynamic Database based on keywords chosen by the client and non-conventional data sources

Country Mapping base

How do we do market research ?

Obiettivo uses Matchplat technology, able to generate databases and reports from various data sources, including Moody’s Analytics.

This technology, based on Artificial Intelligence, begins to search where conventional Databases finish their work.

Through several iterations, in which the Client plays a fundamental role, an ultra-segmented, ultra-updated database is extracted, ready to carry out highly effective actions.

The outcome is already superior to any other option on the market, but it still has to go through an offline refinement process (usually a phone-call action) that allows new information to be added, according to the client preferences.

Country Mapping Standard

One more layer of market insights: Obiettivo’s local

Obiettivo is a leading business development consultancy in the Middle East, with delegations and partners in almost 30 countries.

Thanks to its territorial expansion, it can integrate Matchplat technology with a strategic vision based on the local knowledge of several markets.

In addition, Obiettivo can put at clients’ disposal a solid network of local contacts.

Depending on the country, the client may receive actionable documents that, by themselves, amortise the cost of the service. For example, in Saudi Arabia, Obiettivo has access to the MEED database, the most up-to-date and complete digest on public tenders.

Countries covered by the Country Mapping Standard service

Country Mapping Advanced

How To Convert Country Mapping into Sales ?

The client can use the Country Mapping outcomes and documentation autonomously or rely on the Obiettivo network, which can accompany them in all phases of the prospecting and sales process

Sales Funnel Design
Actions Planning
Shared Agendas
Onsite Business Developer
On-demand services
Country Mapping Advanced
Official Institutions
Agendas. Databases. Market investigation studies
Database development process shared with the client
Physical presence of the Business Developers in commercial meetings (if required)
Strategic market access plan
Atypical and on-demand services (opening of subsidiaries or of commercial delegation, etc.)

Obiettivo is a strategic partner of foreign trade promotion organisations and defines its services in order to accompany its clients where institutions cannot reach.

Country Mapping: three options to open markets

Definition of sectors of interest
Iterative database creation process
Profiled database
Offline lead qualification
Available worldwide
Unique Value Proposition for the chosen market
Sales Channels Mapping
On-site business contacts
Extra documents (depending on the market)
Sales Funnel Design
Action planning
Shared agendas
On-site business developer
On-demand services


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